Blog Battle 65 “Bathtub” Entries & Voting

Hello! Welcome to the new Blog Battle, a weekly writing prompt competition! If you haven’t already, check out the slightly altered rules.   Battle 64’s “Flavour” Winner is ________ I DON'T have a clue! The stories all tied on votes, but I'll read them this week (I'm very bad and haven't read them!) and will … Continue reading Blog Battle 65 “Bathtub” Entries & Voting

BlogBattle 64 – Vote Now!

Have I missed your story for "FLAVO(u)R"? I sure hope not! If you don't see it here, please leave a comment or email me: BLOGBATTLE IS GOING TO RETURN TO A WEEKLY WRITING PROMPT. 🙂 haha I can't keep track of this twice monthly thing at all, but you just participate as much as … Continue reading BlogBattle 64 – Vote Now!

#BlogBattle 64 “Flavo(u)r” Entries & Voting

***SO, in my crazy mind I've totally messed up the dates and stories should have been posted this week (7/12/16) on Tuesday, not last week! I am so sorry for the confusion. If you still want to add a "Flavour" story, please please feel free to do so now, and I'll add it to the … Continue reading #BlogBattle 64 “Flavo(u)r” Entries & Voting