#BlogBattle Stories: Shield

September 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Daily! "The Night Has Teeth" by Joshua G. J. Insole “Rhyme: Aflame” by The Dark Netizen “The Outside” by Floating Gold “Shield” by Anita Dawes and Jaye Marie “The Shield” by Chris Hewitt "Beneath the Surface" by A. E. Branson "Himalaya 4" by Bella Basket "Sword, Shield, and Love" … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Shield


#BlogBattle Stories: Intercept

August 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Daily! "Foliage" by Joshua G. J. Insole "Only Time Will Tell" by Rachael Ritchey “Intercept” by Anita Dawes and Jays Marie “Intercept” by Doug Jacquier "A Long Day and a Police Interception" by Marian Wood "Himalaya 3" by Bella Basket "Intercept" By Jessi L. Roberts “The Intercept” by Chris … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Intercept

#BlogBattle Stories: Stable

July 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Daily!   “Ghosts of the Past” by Gary Jefferies “Himalaya. 2” by Bellabasket “Stable” by Anita Dawes “Keep it Stable Son...” by Lisa Palmer “Money Does Not Bring Happiness” by JustMuddlingThroughLife “Stable” by You Can Always Start Now “Walters Hospital Stay” by Stevie Turner “A Sticky Situation” by A.E. … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Stable

#BlogBattle Stories: Corona

June 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Throughout the Month "Finding Light" by Anita Dawes "The Wisdom of Alcohol" by Lisa R. Palmer "Shank's Nightmare" By A. E. Branson "I Am Corona" by Gary Jefferies "The Man in The Moon and The Solar Eclipse" by JustMddlingThroughLife "Himalaya" by BellaBasket "Stamped Corona" By Rakayle Hier “Corona” by TanGenTal … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Corona

#BlogBattle Stories: Airtight

May 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Daily, so make sure to check back for new stories throughout the month! "Delivered" by A. E. Branson "Money, a row, a walk and a tight situation" by Marian "Pooping Monstrosity!" by Lisa R. Palmer "Denial" by The Dark Netizen "Waiting for the Day (airtight)" by Frank Prem "Airtight … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Airtight