#BlogBattle Stories: Corona

June 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Throughout the Month "Finding Light" by Anita Dawes "The Wisdom of Alcohol" by Lisa R. Palmer "Shank's Nightmare" By A. E. Branson "I Am Corona" by Gary Jefferies "The Man in The Moon and The Solar Eclipse" by JustMddlingThroughLife "Himalaya" by BellaBasket "Stamped Corona"┬áBy Rakayle Hier   *disclaimer: the … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Corona


#BlogBattle Stories: Airtight

May 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Daily, so make sure to check back for new stories throughout the month! "Delivered" by A. E. Branson "Money, a row, a walk and a tight situation" by Marian "Pooping Monstrosity!" by Lisa R. Palmer "Denial" by The Dark Netizen "Waiting for the Day (airtight)" by Frank Prem "Airtight … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Airtight

#BlogBattle Stories: Shift

April 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Daily "I, Ozymandias" by Rawgod "Shift" by Anita Dawes "The Fire Mage" by The Dark Netizen "Shift" by M. J. Hudon "Pearl Barley and the Seven Gnomes (Oh and a Stone Frog)" by Geoff Lepard "A Mum Working the Baby Night Shift" by Marian Wood "But, But, But..." & … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Shift

#BlogBattle Stories: Dusk

March 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated Daily! "Ashes to Ashes..." by Lisa R. Palmer "Dusk" by Anita Dawes "The Eyes of Dusk" by Rawgod "Dusk the Time Between Day and Night" by Marian Wood "Evening Walk" by The Dark Netizen "River Magic at Dusk" by Sha'Tara "Fade to Black" by Mark Huntley-James "Experiment #15" by … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Dusk

#BlogBattle Stories: Loss

February 2019 Blog Battle Entries Updated daily! "Silver Dollar" by Anita Dawes "Loss" by Lisa @ All About Life "Loss of Words" by FictionFanAddict "The Moon, Anali, and Hope" by Sha'Tara "Clink, Clank, Rattle, Rattle" by Lisa R. Palmer "Loss of Marbles" by Chuffincat "Feeling a Sense of Loss" by Just Muddling Through Life "Tooth … Continue reading #BlogBattle Stories: Loss