#BlogBattle Stories: Educate


November 2018 Blog Battle Entries

Updated Tuesdays & the 30th

“School” by Anita Dawes

“Horse Lords” by The Dark Netizen

“A Fork in the Road” by Marian Wood

“A World of Shadows” by OnlineGirl

“There is Power in a Name” by Ellen Best

“The Education of Elspeth” by Joy E. Rancatore

“Education Starts at Home” by Ilka @SenseofInnerPeace

“My Mom the Werewolf” by M. J. Hudon

“The Study: Thanksgiving” by Bryntin

“The Extinction Protocol” by Simon Farnell

“Hands Up – An Educational Experience” by Mark Huntley-James

“Educate” by Amelia @YouCanAlwaysStartNow

“The White Rabbit” by Beaton the Muse

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15 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Stories: Educate

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  3. Reblogged this on Fiction is Food and commented:

    Despite NaNo going on, we’ve had some fabulous entries this month. The December prompt goes live this week so keep your eyes peeled and get an early start before festivities suck creativity away into a blur of mornings after!

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  4. Wow, with NaNo going on this is a pretty good turnout. Totally missed mine this month, despite a cool idea so I’ll store that for another prompt. Good news though, I’m on the ball this time lol. About to reblog this too 😊

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  5. Reblogged this on Rachael Ritchey and commented:

    It’s only the 29th of November! 🙂 Here are some great stories to enjoy, and if you have one of your own you’d like to have included in the lineup, make sure you put a link to your story in the comments. Tomorrow is the last day for November’s word: Educate.


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